Brandon Graham wins!

Brandon Graham: role model.

Here's his link: clicky

I love King City but it is hard to find. I found the first collection through our library. Isotope still has #11 on the shelf, I think.


  1. Luckily I bought all 12 issues as they were coming out. Its funny because Tokyopop went under a few months ago but the rights to a lot of their titles are still in limbo. Hopefully they can get it worked out cause I would love to see a nice hardcover of the whole collection.

  2. I asked B.G. via Robin about it on the last Inkstuds episode featuring B.G.; sounds like a collection's coming sooner than expected. (I thought KC would become the next Flex Mentallo.) He also said what's up with Multiple Warheads, like he's getting about 5 in the can before they're solicited.


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