Last Year's APE

I found some notes from last year's Alternative Press Expo (APE) while cleaning this morning. For me, the highlight guests were Dan Clowes and Tony Millionaire. These guys are superstars in the world of the "Alternative Press Expo" and they were rightfully fawned over by fans every time I saw them.

I attended Dan Clowes' panel and expected him to be a mean, angry curmudgeon of a guy. I was totally wrong. I can't remember the panel moderator, but he led the panel as an "X or Y"(e.g. "Jack Kirby or Wally Wood?") question session, seeding a brainstorming session in which Clowes freely described influences, inspirations, heroes, and a few irritations in the world of comics. I love panels like this, when the artist talks freely and reveals a deep, scholarly knowledge of the history of their craft. I'm really excited that he'll be back for APE 2011.

Tony Millionaire didn't disappoint either. Cartoonist Renee French moderated his panel- it was also a scripted Q&A. French's deadpan, innocent delivery of questions obviously penned by Millionaire may have slightly helped keep him in check, but he really let loose with absurdist anecdotes. His delivery and the esoterica involved really sold the stories as real. I found a tiny notebook today from APE- luckily for me I wrote down some of the questions... here they are:

"What were the two most effective punching techniques that you used in the early to mid 1980s?"

"Have you ever splattered the walls with the blood of your enemies?"

"Did you ever have intimate relations with a basset hound at 2:00 AM on University Street?"

His answer to the last question was followed by "are there any kids in the room?"