All week I was excited for the weekend- nearly two full days to spend inking comics for the upcoming 11 O'clock Comics forum's anthology. I've got a whole lot of travel coming up but I think I shouldn't have trouble finishing by the upcoming deadline.

I started using the ink that Paul Pope recommended in his SDCC inking demo (and a podcast interview or two) and really really like it. It is much more viscous and heavily black than Higgins Black Magic or Speedball Super Black. The ink appears to contain pigment of a much larger particle size than other inks. The "vegetable oil soot" particles sit on top of the paper with a visible texture. I would refer to this texture as a "second order" blackness: the diffusion of light.


  1. Why does the bottom middle panel look less black?

  2. I like the turtle stand up pose.

  3. I inked that part with Higgins Black Magic ink; it reflected the camera's flash more.


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