I tend to be on the introspective side of normal, but tonight I find myself wanting to release a poll of sorts.

Here's the situation; you're a maintenance guy on a colony on the moon with like forty inhabitants. It's about a half mile walk from your outpost to the settlers; they're all upper class people that you don't interact with much. You're alone. You're mostly there so that the colonists feel safe that somebody is there to fix their washing machines and stuff. Things don't break down much on the moon colony.


You get a message from Earth that robots are moving towards the colony. These robots are going to attack the colony. The Earth base informs you that you have a secret stash of weapons in one of the supply crates. Military support arrives in a day or so.

Do you arm yourself and defend the colony?

Without a doubt, I respond "HELL, YES."

Is this because I was raised as a comics book reader? Is my world view out of whack?

What's your instinct?

Perhaps a deeper analysis would probe the era in which a comic aficionado was raised when answering this: Lee/Kirby fans vs. Byrne/Claremont and all that.

My goal is to make blog posts that appeal to a microscopic subsection of the populace, apparently.

Good night, robots.