differential equations

It feels really weird to reach way back in the old 'tool box' and find out just how rusty that I am at math. Last couple of days I've been relearning some basic differential equation solving techniques; I'm surprised by what pops into my mind.

The math comes back after a little bit. Whenever I revisit old topics of study I enjoy the associated interesting memories that pop up, as if these memories are just 'stuck' to the math topics in my brain.

I remember my instructor: a prematurely balding dude who refused to ever wear long pants. His wife, also a mathematician, made his clothes.

I remember being pretty good friends with a classmate; we gambled on who would get the highest score on exams. I think the stakes were $5-10. I don't remember who won more often.

Grant Morrison's JLA was coming out. Superhero books were getting big and loud again.

I get stuck in the past when I think like this.