number two

I've been working on Jerks In Space #2 for a little while. Writing it has been as much fun as #1 was. At times this all feels ridiculous. My comic book reading time has been cut back since there's only so much that a guy can do after work. I've been surprised by how many times I choose to work on my own retarded comic instead of reading work done by real artists.

The way that I've been "scripting" JIS#2 evolved pretty naturally (I think it's similar to how Brian Lee O'Malley does). I sketch the page layout super tiny and write dialog, cations, and notes somewhere on the page. I hope to get quicker. In JIS #1 I was spending to long in my sketchbook. I shrunk my layout sketches so I don't get all caught up in stupid details. I think I heard Brian Lee O'Malley mention doing this in an interview somewhere.