uppers or downers

I remember reading an old analysis of the Marvel characters Spider-Man and Daredevil. This article suggested that readers find themselves rooting for Spider-Man when he is losing the battle and for Daredevil when he's winning.

That comparison popped in my head this morning when thinking of Robert Smith [of the Cure] and Morrissey [of the Smiths]. I correlate Morrissey to Daredevil and Robert Smith to Spider-Man; that is, I like when Morrissey's in good spirits and I prefer when Robert Smith is down in the dumps. In my head, a happy-go-lucky Robert Smith goes to Cinnabon or TCBY with some fat goth chicks. When Morrissey's feeling optimistic he's strolling down the street with a few thin guys sporting tight jeans and pompadours, trying to decide which storefront window to put a rock through.